Desert Zak 1/100 Full Mechaフルメカ LED

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Desert Zak 1/100 Full Necha Garage Kit LED

Magunet touch hand grende x2 in the side pack(storage part,left and right hand,gun grip,magunetic processed)

Aircraft weight reduction and output are further streng thened partly armored. In order to improve the cooling power on the ground,a large-sized cooling device is added to the backpack.


An auxiliary propulsion unit is installed at the waist and legs to improve mobility in vast savannah and desert-areas.Duty treatment is applied to the jointpart.


A communication antenna is installed on the head in a form preceding Gufu.Triangular pyramidal multi-blade antenna(single antenna) is installed in consideration of use in environments such as sand and squall.


Fixed armed is a rattriver triple missile pod mounted on the additional armor of the left forearm. Built in the mountlatches on both sides of the waist according to the strategy Rats River P-32 consecutive missile pod and 2 crackers.In addition,there are two Vulcan cannon openings in the head.A 120 mm machinegun (model number: M-120 AS,developed for Zaku Ⅱ,with its scope removed,barrels and stocks are shortened.The lighter weight improves retention.

  固定武装は左前腕部の増加装甲に装着されるラッツリバー3連装ミサイルポッド。作戦に応じ腰部両側のマウントラッチにラッツリバーP-3 2連装ミサイルポッド及び2基のクラッカーを内蔵する。更に頭部にはバルカン砲開口部が2門。携行武装として120mmマシンガン(型式番号:M-120AS。これはザクII用に開発されたものでスコープを廃止し、バレルやストックが短いものとなっている。軽量化によって保持性が向上。

Two grenadic pots are built by a strong magunet. Magnet is also applied to the hand (manipulator) and holds the bullet securely.