12 BLOCK HEAD (1/72) ABITATE company has developed CBOMBAT ARMOR of the full-armed heavy equipment

Product no.: AD288
Price excl. tax: ¥25,011
Price (incl. tax): ¥27,512

12 BLOCK HEAD (1/72)   about  200x120x60 125g

ABITATE company has developed CBOMBAT ARMOR of the full-armed heavy equipment.


Reference video   www.google.com/search?q=dougram&gl=us&hl=en&pws=0&tbm=vid&ei=_AXtWr_uF8e10gTb7LXICg&start=0&sa=N&biw=1366&bih=673&dpr=1





DUGURAM STORY (Independence frome the colony)

Chargeability cloud world

Production       ABITATE Company

That's improving movable  of a shoulder and the knee substantially.

Full-armed heavy equipment  CBOMBAT ARMOR

Type of manufacturing       Production model

Tne total height                   11.78m

Driver                                      2 people (Pilot & Communication opertor,  Ganna & Radar man)

The empty weight               31.102t

The gross weight                 31.739t

The design maximum weight   32.244t

A generator Rolls-Royce N9-PW750

Basic output    Every second 61 Point

Maximum taravel speeds 43-45 km/h (The time of gross weight)

Campaign time 200 minutes

Armament      Muglaunchergun

30 millimeters a ream wrap, machine gun

6 reams wrap Missile pod

A ream wrap,armor rifle (Linear cancer)x2

The mobility also builds into an expensive fuselage contrary to expectation by high outoput.

It's used for a city competiton and bodily injury guard in a prison mainly.



That lowers a jioint of a foot and makes the foot long.

It's improved by the beautifl figure.

Weight of gun 10g     Unique remodeling.

With pilot's dolls