13 BUSH MAN (1/48) Only for mountainous areas ! !Abandoment

Product no.: AD290
Price excl. tax: ¥53,497
Price (incl. tax): ¥57,777

13 BUSH MAN (1/48) Only for mountainous areas ! ! Abandoment

The influence that has high motility and which is an electromagnetic field is a small fuselage.

Arming is thin for weight saving.(Chargeability cloud world)

Light armament.

A concentrated attack can be scratched with a head and the rocketpod with which I united.  

Only for mountainous areas. Light weight type.



Weight of gun10g   Weight of body 140g     Unique remodeling.

Brass knuckle !  Knuckle dauster ! Quick type !

Karate PUNCH ! ! Acho! atatatata........!!!

You can see a ejection sest !




Production         SOLTIC Company

The total height          9.38m

The empty  weight       18.951t

The gross  weight         25.504t

A generator marutai S03 third

Basic output    Every second 50 Point ctro

Maximum travel speeds 46km/h (The time of gross weight)

Campaign time 280 mintes

Armamen Mug  lancher gun

Aream wrap x2

6 reams wrap missil pod x2

Driver 1 people 

With pilot and soldier dolls

↓Normal model  Neck,waist short (The proportion is bad.)