18 CABAROV NICHOLIEV AG-9 (Abandonment)(Specially modifiled Unique remodeling)

Product no.: AD484
Price excl. tax: ¥18,414
Price (incl. tax): ¥19,888

18 CABAROV NICHOLIEV AG-9   (Abandonment) (Specially modifiled    Unique remodeling)

Opening  and  closing  canopy.(Originally all none)(Special production)

Isolated missiles.  Moveable wider feet.

Weigh in the whole body.

CABAROV company develops this plane by plagiarizing a technique of SOLTIC company using an industrial spy.


combat armor

Production        CABAROV company

The total height           9.36m

The empty weight          15.692t

The gross Weight            22.965t

A generator Alanakov RM2A

Basic output  38 Point

Maximum travel speed 40.8 km/h (The  time of gross weight)

Campaign time 457 mintes

Armament          Liner Canon

6 reams wrap     Missile podx2

30 millimeters machingun x6

Driver     1 people

With poilot dolls