19 BIG FOOT SOLTIC HT-128 (Cold districts are for exclusive use) 1/72 Painted semi-finished product

Product no.: AD503
Price excl. tax: ¥18,414
Price (incl. tax): ¥19,888

19 BIG FOOT     SOLTIC   HT-128   1/72

(Usually there is no missiles.)    (The chest is smoke gun.)

The sale will end when all the stock has been sold.

The sale will end when all the stock has been sold.

Reference video www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm6343557


Cold districts are for exclusive use

Speciial missiles production.(Originally none)

Production                      SOLTIC company

The total height              11.64m

The empty weight          27.043t

The gross weight           29.261t

With pilot dolls and heavy gun

Weight of gun 13g.

Non-slip on the sole

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