23 MAVELLIC+BLOCKHEAD (Walking robot exclisive transport helicopter)

Product no.: AD592
Price excl. tax: ¥91,000
Price (incl. tax): ¥98,280


Walking robot exclussive transport helicopter. The big loadage.

lenght       8.09m

width       13.48m

rotor radius    5.30m

weight         10.114t

engine      GE-T250-4Kx4

output        2800shpx4

speed        353km/h -170km/h

rising limit    2328m

cruising distance  210km

fuel     hydrogen fuel H2-S7

armed    30mm machine gun

Reference video www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm3685722

In the cokpit lower part, 30 mm attachrd cannon.      It's used for the time of a solo-flight.     

MAVELLC about  200x130x80

BLCK HEAD   200x120x60