31 Z'GOK (MASSPRODCTIVE AMPHIBIOUS MOBILE SUIT) 1/100 Gundam Double Zeta (Burning eye)+screw bubbies +Laser cannon+Torpedo

Product no.: AD1445
Price excl. tax: ¥36,851
Price (incl. tax): ¥39,800


Gundam Double Zeta

The protagonists steer the enemy's robot. (Judau)

Bottom deep diving.

Intrude within range.

Torpedo launch ! ! This is a Amphibious mobile suit.That name is Z'GOK.

Maximum speed Underwater 103kt (1.852km x 103   190.756km/h)

On the ground  87km/h  ( Undrwather is faster )

Promote underwather with screws on the back and feet.

With screw bubbies (A roaring souhd )

Jump up from the wather

Laser cannon (Original production)

Destroy enemies !

Z' GOK  Attendance !

Mechanical back !

A scene to attack the airport. Burn on the earth.

Craw behid the enemy quickly.

Gundam Double Zeta

Bared machine   Buring eye (originail makeing)

The form that it could excel a fight competition (The size 1/100 feels like grasping) 

Tackle Attack !

But on the flank.......

Sharp body blow

Fierce fighting develops !

The total height        18.4m

The empty weight     65.1t

The gross weight       96.4t

Armor material 

Titanium ceramic composite material

Basic output 2480kw (74000 horspower)

Thrust  35000 x 2

Total thrust    83000kg

Maximum speed

On the ground       87km/h

Underwater           103kt

Armed     6 consecutive x 240 mm Rocket launcher (Bullet number 30)

Mega particle gun x 2

lron nail x 2