32 ZAKU-I MS-05 1/100 LED (Body 120g)(Machine guns 3g)(Bazooka 5g)Drums are heavily processed

Product no.: AD1528
Price excl. tax: ¥36,851
Price (incl. tax): ¥39,800

32 ZAKU-I MS-05 1/100

Head Height     17.5m

Base Weight     50.3t

Full  Weight      65.0t

Power Source         Minoovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor Generator Output  899kW

Armor Material    Super-hard Steel Alloy

Total Thrust  2 x 19500 kg  2 x 850 kg

Maximum Speed     65 km/h

LED eye (special) Body 120g (special) Machie guns 3g  Drums are heavily processed.

Intemal hand processing (special)

Drums are heavily processed

105 mm Machinegun ( Vertical drum )  120mm Machinegun ( Horizontal drum )

Shield with spikes

Machine guns 3g (special)

Light is reflected inside the sight like a mirror.

280mm Bazooka 5g

Shield (with spile) 2.3g (Heavy processing)

Tackie scene  (17,5m 50t)

ZAKU-Ⅰ Good techniqe is tack.

Full length 17.5m  Weight about 50t

Vertical drum machine gun