50 Robotech Macross First VALKYRIE VF-1D1/72 (VARIABLE)Abandonment flap movable

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50 Robotech Macross First VALKYRIE VF-1D (VARIABLE) Abandonment 1/72 (still painting)

(The pilot does not yet know how to steer)


Existence of a huge alien of a little more than 10 meters of aheight is revealed from the space battlesship which fell in the earth in 1999.

↓GERWALK (Hright 8.7m  Width  11.3m        The empty weight  13,250kg )

Air Force,a navy and Marine Corps exercised a variable fighter plan of all areas with which the high impetus and the fight ability are unite as one of an opposed weapon using exaggerated technology.

After fleet air defense, the ground support and a special operation considered all uses, airplane and humanoid robot.

The concept that which fuse is novel has created an airplane and a humanoid robot.

↓FIGHTER (Height 3.84m   Full lenght 14.23m    Full width   14.78m-8.25m)

 Maximum speed      M2.81 (Height 10,000m)     M3.8 (Height  30,000m)

(Still painting) Flap movable (special remodeling)

Flap movable (special remodeling)


Total height 12.68m    Full width  7.3m    The empty weight  13,250kg

The base of the leg moves to the back side.(special remodeling)

Reference video www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9TrqsMM2KQ



The fuselage developed for pilot's high practice.

A cockpit is expanded and the rear is for instructors.

A steering gear can control both of the previous seat and a rear seat.

Reference video Original Macross Opening  www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-r4wx5ZYHI

NEW Macross Opening    www.youtube.com/watch?v=H86luCX7Kzs

Macross Zero Dogfight Original  www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iD94oyGv88

The reason that 3 steps of that's transformed assumes contact and an engagement with a huge spaceman with the height 10 meter size.

It's bacause it was done. The weapon transformed from a fighter into a huge robot was contrived.