63 LIPPISCH Li DM1 (Dr.Alexander Lippisch)

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63 LIPPISCH Li DM1 (Dr. Alexander Lippisch)

Wing of crystal of science and technology

Even 2.6 times as  possilbie as the speed of sound form.

Alexander Lippisch was German aeronautical enginneer,

a pioneer of aerodynamics who made important contributions to the understanding of tailless aiecraft,

delta wings and the ground effect, and also worked in the U.S.

His most famous desigins are Messerchmitt Me 163 rocket-powered interceptor.

The full lenght : 6.32m

Total height : 3.25m

Wing span : 6m

The wing area : 19㎡

Empty weight : 375kg

1944 May    Lippisch Li DM1   

Around 1939

It's found to mix a delta wing profitably supersonically.