65 Mitsubiishi J8M1 SHUSUI (Sonic Roket Fighter 1945) 1/72 Abandonment

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65 Mitsubishi J8M1 SHUSUI (Sonic Roket Fighter 1945 July)

Dispatdh subumarine strategy

The dispatch German submarine strategy (Musical Genki Suzukan) is a process that connects Germany and Japan far away during the Second World War, and includes strategic materials and new weapons,parts and drawingsthereof,

even a military officer with an embassy   Technical officer   Civil engineer etc.

This refers to a number of operstions by Japanese Navy vessels who carried the talents of Japan and Germany.

1944 March

Leaving France (Lorient) to Japan.

But it will be sunk in America in Singapore (July).

Barely he (Eiich Iwaya  Lieutenant technical) brough back a few items by plane.

When American B-29 to which it come flying intercepts more than 10000 meters of height,it's difficult to maintain the height by Japanese reciprocating fighter.

The regulation name                      Shusi

Fuselage mark        Navy : J8M      The army : KI 200

The span                          9.5m ( Me 163   9.3m )

The full length                5.95m

The total height             2.7m

Motor                             tokuronigou (driving force : 1500kg) Structure develop independently

The maxspeed               800km/h

The rise power               To 10000m,   about 3 minutes (Astorishing perfomance)

The cruising range         About 5 minutes  30 seconds