71 V-2 ROCKET TRANSPORTER 1944 (1/72) Aggregat-4/Vergelftungswaff-2

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71 V-2 ROCKET TRANSPORTER 1944 (1/72)

Aggregat-4 / Vergelftungaswaff-2

Very small and fine parts (1/72)

By the quadruple speed which is sonic speed beyond atmosphere, 1 ton explosive is falling.

1944 Peenemunde


Wernher von Braun

V-2 rocket  That sccceeds in the 3rd time of loft-off on October,1942. 

Sergei Korolew

(Soviet rocket engineer)

He is regarded by many as the father of practical astronautics. 

Science and technology were advancing Germany at the time by the speed

more considerable than other countries for some reason.

A fighter of a propeller plane was still latest for science and technology in around 1944.