Dom Tropen 1/100 MS-09F GUNDAM0083 Limited Garege Kit+ Specially crafted grenade +Specially produced magazine

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Dom Tropen 1/100 MS-09F GUNDAM0083 


East Africa Kimberlite (Diamond mine for communication) Base

Limited Garege Kit

Head Height    18.5 m

Base Weight    44.8 t

This is a desert / tropical aircraft.

+Specially crafted grenade (Dom Hand Grenade)

The feature is a dust filter air scoop attached to the foot.

Dom is a machine equipped with a thermonuclear jet engine. Must actively inhale the atmosphere. 

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An advancement of the YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type, 

the Zeon military introduced the MS-09F/trop late in the One Year War,

 designed to operate exclusively in localized desert and tropical regions on Earth. 

In addition to additional sand filters to protect its equipment, 

specialized block-shaped armor designed to help keep sand from getting inside,

 and powerful cooling systems to overcome the desert heat, 

the Dom Tropen also featured special sand filtering intakes for its leg-mounted thermonuclear jet engines,

 allowing the mobile suit to retain its high ground hovering speeds without fear of sand ruining the engines.


Mass Production Ground Mobile Suit

Model Number  MS-09F/trop

Official Name   Dom Tropen

Head Height    18.5 m

Base Weight    44.8 t

Full Weight     79.0 t

Power Source  Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor

Generator Output     1199 kW

Armor Material  Super-hard Steel Alloy

Total Thrust     2 x 22000 kg   2 x 7300 kg

Maximum Acceleration    0.74 G

Maximum Speed      360 km/h

180° Attitude Change Time    2.1 s

Effective Sensor Radius    6300 m

Crew      Pilot only (in cockpit in torso)

Head Height    18.5 m

Base Weight    44.8 t

+Specially produced magazine.

+Specially crafted grenade (Dom Hand Grenade)

Specially crafted grenade