DOWADGE Custom 1/100 LED EYE Limited Garege Kit Completed Abandoment Painted semi-finished product

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DOWADGE Custom LED momo eye LED

Rare products

Mobile suit gundam ZZ appered in 25 episodes 

Rare products

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The eye will turn on with the LED.

Model number MS-09H
Parietal height                 18.2m
Body weight                     43.5t
Overall weight                  87.4t
Armored material  Titaniium alloy)some gandarium alloy usrd)

The bottom of the foot is divided into two. (special!!)  

Output           1,440kw
Thrust            122,700kg
Effective sensor radius     8,800m
Armed 30mm 2 consecutive Balkan cannonx2 
Heatsaber (changed to clear material) 
Beam canon (weigh processing)     
Heat Tomahawk  
Passenger  Desert Ronmel   

Mobile suit gundam ZZ appered in 25 episodes.Old Zeon army remnants Ronmel troops for land battle heavy MS

The aircraft whose old generation MS Dodge has benn refurbished for the ace pilot. Former Zeon remnants-Lonnel troops Dessert-Colonel Rommel is on board.

The momo monovisor on the head is bigger

Equipped with a whip antenna on the back. Enhaanced communication capability
Equipped with 4 large boosters of chemical fuel type at the back of armor of both shoulder.
24200kg,20% increase in thrust, further improve mobility.2万4,200kg、
In the back,strengthen the thermonu cler jet propulsion device and dustproof treatment,add drop tank for extension of cruising distance to the legs,improve acceleration and operstion time.

In addition,armor strength is strengtheneed. Like the dither Zaku,there is function to settle the aircraft in the desertand.