PROTO TYPE GOFE 1/100 Premium Bandai Limited Edition

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PROTO TYPE GOFE 1/100 Prototype produced on the basis of Zaku of land-wa type by Geonic Company several.

The hand of Unit1 Unit2 is a regular manipulator without fixed equipment and it is flenble to operate.

Zaku machine gun,Heat kaek,Shield Protector etc...can de used.

Trome Unit 3 and beyond, five fingers-machine guns (ring fingers,aimiing on the side of the finger are trendinh up in clode combat) are equipped.

In addition, attempts were made to add arms such as heat rods (also kown as wepons like earthworms, which is quite effective in close combat with the use of experts).

The eye camera mono-eye rail extends to the rear and is an all-around type.

The cockpit form is sqare so the living space is wide.Three main thruster nozzles on the back are installed.

The body color is a color that taskes into account the camouflage-effct in kahaki(coloring difficulty),black,white and desertares.

Model number YMS-07A

Affilistion Zeon Duchy Army

Development Geonic Company

Production from Prottype  

Parietal height  17.7m

Weght 55.7t

Armed Zaku Machine Gun,Heat hawk,Shield,Heat rod can de added.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079