TOROPICAL TEST TYPE DOM YMS-09 1/100 Painted semi-finished product

Product no.: AD2045
Price excl. tax: ¥36,851
Price (incl. tax): ¥39,800


In production 

Magnetic processing on the back part.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Following the successful testing of the Prototype Dom at California Base, the Zeon began to mass-produce the MS-09B Dom. The design however had a flaw: it was especially difficult to maintain in certain environments, specifically in Earth's high temperature tropical zones. To attempt to come up with a solution, Zimmad company converted one of the two Prototype Doms into the YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type. The newly rebuilt and modified Dom Tropical Test Type mounted a coolant storage tank on its backpack to better regulate the mobile suit's temperature in the desert heat. This required the mount latch of the heat saber to be moved to a vertical position behind the left shoulder, as opposed to the original horizontal or diagonal positioning in other Dom models. The new Dom Tropical Test Type also featured a short-range communications antenna on its head. 

These additional features helped the Dom Tropical Test Type maintain better combat efficiency in tropical climates. 


◾Heat Saber 

Stored on the backpack when not in use, this weapon uses thermal energy to superheat a metal blade, allowing it to melt armor upon contact, which when combined with the force applied to the attack, can cut through the enemies with ease. ◾H&L-GB03K/360mm Giant Bazooka 

For the Dom's 'hit hard and hit fast' attack philosophy, it was given a magazine-fed 360mm giant bazooka with a ten round mag as its main weapon. The bazooka is capable of destroying mobile suits in a single hit, and can also inflict heavy damage to warships. 


The desert warfare unit Caracal Corps, which was stationed in North Africa, would convert twelve of their Doms in such a manner, including the personal unit of Zeon ace pilot Major Roy Greenwood, whose Dom Tropical Test Type would be nicknamed "Thunder Cat" because of the lightning bolt designs on its frame. Advancements from the Dom Tropical Test Type would also later serve as the basis for the upgrades of the MS-09F/trop Dom Tropen. 

The Dom Tropical Test Type was later adapted to create the MS-09K-1 Dom Cannon artillery support mobile suit, which equipped a pair of shell-firing cannons similar to those of the Earth Federation's RX-77 Guncannon series. 

In U.C.0094, a Dom Tropical Test Type belonging to Zeon Remnants pilot Taggis was destroyed in Bagan, Myanmar by a Mass Production Type ZZ Gundam of an Earth Federation Forces remnants-hunting unit.

Head Height•18.5 m

Base Weight•65.1 t

Power Source•Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor

Armor Material

•Super Hard Steel Alloy

Propulsion System•Hover Jet Thrusters

Crew•Pilot only (in standard cockpit in torso)

In production 

Magnetic processing on the back part.